Pedagogical offers

Written by Azubiwerk on 20. November 2019. Posted in Muenzviertel

The Azubiwerk offers more than just affordable living space for apprentices: Under the premise of “Accompany instead of caring”, our pedagogical team supports apprentices on their way to an independent life. This leaves more time to focus on the apprenticeship. The educational offers in the house usually include the opportunity to quickly get to know people and start new friendships.

We offer our apprentices the following:


  • Application for vocational apprenticeship allowance (BAB), housing benefit or BAföG
  • Challenges and problems at the place of training
  • Personal problems


  • Big sunday breakfast and cooking evenings
  • Sports (eg: football, basketball, billiard, table football, boxing, fitness, running)
  • Photo, garden and handcraft activities
  • Movie and game nights, parties


  • How to manage a household and your finances
  • Self-organization and study methods
  • Access and support to art and culture

Our pedagogical team at Azubiwerk Muenzviertel is on site 7 days a week from 3 pm to 1 am.