Living in Münzviertel

Geschrieben von Azubiwerk am 20. November 2019. in Muenzviertel

A new residential complex with park

Our third dormitory is located in the heart of the Münzviertel district, close to Hamburg Central Station. The attractive new building with a view over the city is located in a residential quarter that offers housing space for 209 apprentices. It is not only apprentices who find a home here; the accommodation services offered by the neighbouring providers is also aimed at families, singles and students.

In addition to its modern facilities, the hall of residence also impresses with its particularly central location. The inner courtyard leaves nothing to be desired – in the green outdoor area you will find table tennis tables, sunbathing lawns, a barbecue area and many opportunities for a cosy get-together on warm summer days. Should the weather be bad, however, there are attractive common rooms (approx. 250 m²) in the Foundation’s headquarters with, for example, a table football or billiard table, a small cinema, comfortable sofas and a proper sound and lighting system. The common rooms will not yet be usable by August 2022, but will open later.


Based on the premise of “accompanying instead of looking after”, the apprentices are also supported here in taking their first steps outside the parental home independently and on their own responsibility. Our pedagogical team offers a variety of activities and counselling services on site. The apprentices play an active role in shaping their living environment by, among other things, regularly electing their dormitory council, which can dispose of its own budget.


The new residential complex including the Azubiwerk is currently still under construction. The quarter will be ready for occupation from August 2022. Apply now!

→ The current rental prices and the application form can be found here.

→ Further information on the educational offers on site can be found here.

The old school building will be the central focus point of the new quarter.

Facts and Figures Azubiwerk Münzviertel:

  • Completion for start of school year 2022
  • 4,620 square meters of living space
  • 99 apartments, each with 1 to 3 rooms
  • A total of 209 rooms
  • 250 sqm common area
  • Spacious outdoor area with garden and sports equipment
  • Affordable rent (about 254 € plus additional costs)
  • Furnished apartments with kitchen (fridge/freezer, sink, dishwasher, stove, microwave) and private bathroom


  • 1 single apartment
  • 172 rooms in apartments shared by 2
  • 36 rooms in apartments shared by 3

Common areas:

  • 4 spacious common areas (bar, lounge area with sofas, table football and pool tables, cinema, sound and light system for dancefloor)
  • Garden with table tennis, barbecue area, sunbathing and lounging area
  • shared use of the courtyard (basketball, outdoor gym, table tennis, slackline)

Further features and facilities:

  • Internet access throughout the house (included in rent)
  • Laundry room including dryer (coin operated)
  • Underground parking for cars and bicycles (can be rented additionally)
  • Attractions in the courtyard: Café

Floor Plan


Overview of the new quarter


Pedagogical offers

Geschrieben von Azubiwerk am 20. November 2019. in Muenzviertel

The Azubiwerk offers more than just affordable living space for apprentices: Under the premise of “Accompany instead of caring”, our pedagogical team supports apprentices on their way to an independent life. This leaves more time to focus on the apprenticeship. The educational offers in the house usually include the opportunity to quickly get to know people and start new friendships.

We offer our apprentices the following:


  • Application for vocational apprenticeship allowance (BAB), housing benefit or BAföG
  • Challenges and problems at the place of training
  • Personal problems


  • Big sunday breakfast and cooking evenings
  • Sports (eg: football, basketball, billiard, table football, boxing, fitness, running)
  • Photo, garden and handcraft activities
  • Movie and game nights, parties


  • How to manage a household and your finances
  • Self-organization and study methods
  • Access and support to art and culture

Our pedagogical team at Azubiwerk Muenzviertel is on site 7 days a week from 3 pm to 1 am.